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Exploring Relational Space



We spend so much of our time with people, at home, at work, with friends and so on. I am finding it to be an extremely interesting exploration to see what the difference is between the state of consciousness I am in when I conduct my relationships and to compare that to the states available when alone in nature or in meditation.

What I find true for myself historically, is that when I am in the presence of others, my mind is busier and more full of itself, analyzing the other person’s responses to me, forming opinions about them or planning how I might respond to them. So historically I would say that I lose contact with deep truth in relationship generally, entering a social modality where mind gets to define (and limit) the quality of the relationship.

In nature, in meditation, or even just alone in my room however, I have had for quite some time an ability to let mind take a back seat in my consciousness. This allows me to enjoy a blissful sense of life’s perfectness and grace, even in the midst of troubled times. Why it is harder or secondary for me to bring this kind of realization into my everyday human relationships I am not sure, but it seems to be how it has worked.

In the past few years I have been discovering that there are some very amazing relational possibilities that I have not known about before, except maybe in relationships with spiritual teachers, which of course I considered to be in a different category altogether than my relationship with my colleagues at work for instance. My education in this began one evening when a friend and I sat down in her living-room after dinner (intending a social evening) and we both inexplicably dropped into a deeper space together than I had ever experienced on my own. For me it was completely unexpected, to find myself in the deepest meditative space of my life-so-far without having meditated. To have dropped into such an unbelievably rich and nourishing place with another person and to be sitting there talking about it, marveling out loud. Another defining thing about this was that it did not feel personal at all. It wasn’t about us. It was about something far beyond the personal people who had come to it.

We were being shown something new that was possible.

This experience has continued, at first rarely but now more commonly, with new people, new explorations, meeting in person and even over the telephone. It feels as if this “relational field” is teaching us, those of us who will tune in. It also feels like we are developing a new muscle of some sort – an ability to meet each other in this deep place and let go of the reins there. In my experience so far it has been women who seem to have an easier time “dropping in” in this way for whatever reason, though I very much look forward to having these kinds of meetings with men too. I very much look forward to being able to bring this sort of relational space more and more into my daily experience too and I can feel it’s movement in that direction, though I feel to be a complete beginner.

As I get more practice in this, the habit of relating in a shallow or mind-based way to the people at work or to my family or acquaintances, stands out more and more in contrast to it. It is also obvious that there are degrees of this – that how I am relating to others is not black and white. I can feel when, in an ordinary everyday conversation there is a thread of openness to this deeper relational space between us. It does not seem to need me to know the person conventionally either. While familiarity brings trust and the feeling of safety is I’m sure helpful in creating the container for this “relational field”, it seems also able to show up in a word with a passing stranger. It looks like it is probably just my own mind’s ideas about where it is and is not safe or possible that has busily constructed limits to it.

There is a distinct feeling of importance to this, beyond that which drove me to meditate for years, but not so different from it. It seems that this next phase of development is now about who/what we collectively are, and about what we know together from the various perspectives we collectively inhabit. It seems to be all about our ability to enter an active impersonal relational space, from which we can interact with each other in new ways according to what we see happening around us and each of our roles in it.

I would love to hear about it if you are having any experiences that are similar.



Building a New Earth and Connecting with Others

eckhart_tolle.jpgThere is getting to be more and more support available recently for finding one’s place in the building of a new earth. Initially the process is internal, but there seems to come a time in each individual process where we may begin to look for what our outer contribution might be. Each individual’s inner transformation brings a way of living that naturally leads the individual into a flow we act in resonance with life as a whole and we follow that flow kind of like just letting ourselves be taken by the current of a river.

On the planetary scale, what is being seen is that the dilemmas presented by our world situation and by modern living in general are a part of a transition. We are transitioning from the old ego-driven way of living into the next evolutionary step for humanity. We are moving forward into whole new ways of being and interacting in order to survive the critical issues of the day and leave a more promising world for our children and grandchildren.

One organizing focus point that is forming is called the Shift Network. This new network seems to be growing out of the Institute of Noetic Sciences amongst other organizations and numerous public figures. They are starting to offer online courses that are aimed at “bringing us into alignment with an intention to accelerate a shift to a peaceful, sustainable, healthy and prosperous world”. Click the link below to find out more about them. At this time the offer an online course, which I will talk about in a minute, but also they offer an affiliate program for those who wish to help them spread the word about their work.

The current course they are offering is a summation of the life work of Barbara Marx Hubbard. It is called The Sacred Way of Conscious Evolution: Evolutionary Spirituality For Our Times and it is an eight week long online course beginning on April 28th.

Here is the link for The Sacred Way of Conscious Evolution Course.

Eckhart Tolle has also launched a new initiative called Eckhart Tolle TV where you pay a monthly fee for access to ongoing video support from him for building a new earth. It looks great! I haven’t joined myself but I can wholeheartedly recommend most anything Eckhart might do. 🙂 Check it out below.

Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together

There is also a lot of free video on Eckhart’s site. I thought this was an especially good one (below). He’s answering someone’s question about what it means to be of service to life, and he’s telling his own story about how The Power of Now got written, which I never tire of.

Eckhart Tolle Video

Eckhart’s popularity in the 90s started something that seems to be getting rolling now with many people coming together and forming support networks, including the Wide Awake Living network. I would like to encourage everyone to find what resonates most fully with you, and put no expectations on it, that this flow be something different than what you are already doing. Just give appropriate focus and awareness to this inner movement of awakening that can be called The Shift or called so many other things depending on the background of the speaker, and then go where life takes you.

It can take you right back into your previous life functions, or it can take you off in entirely new directions. There is no way to know. The trick is not trying to know. Just let the river move you. Then start to connect with others online or in your own local communities who are working in their own ways. There are as many ways to be a part of this evolutionary movement as there are people.



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