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The Ultimate Disaster

poppiestall2.jpg Is living
In the moment
A walking of a tightrope
Between past and future?
Is it a peeling away
Of all the escape routes?
A letting go of the possibility
Of getting what we want
At some other moment
When we might be more mature,
Or more ready?
Or have put in enough work?

A falling from the
Imagined tightrope?
A vertical descent
Into whatever life has in store
Without control or containment
Of the perpetual disaster
That is life at its worst and best
All at once.

How is it
That having fallen thus
We have left behind need
For escape,
Need for a future
To come through for us,
Even the everpresent
Need for love?…
Finding ourselves
Instead, surrounded
Embraced by richness
Beyond measure,
Completely beyond our
Wildest imagining.

All our ideas
Of the past pale
Next to the vibrancy
Of life met without
The intermediary of
Ideas about what is
Being seen. Life stands
Forth as radiant and
Fulfilling already,
Even as some things
May be dying in agony
While others are
Being born.


This Moment


What is this moment like if we stop assuming that it needs improving? What if we just stopped trying to make it be different than it already is? This would mean not having an agenda about what it is supposed to be like or NOT supposed to be like. What if we finally let go of thinking we knew how it should be, as opposed to how it already is?

We can notice in any moment that, outside of all the measuring,  comparing and efforting behaviors of mind we habitually listen to, there is something else. It is like another world out there beyond mind. Out beyond our mentally mediated version of the world, there is something real and substantial. It is the actual world as it is–a world vibrantly alive with stillness and motion embracing each other–a world doing the one-step dance of just being what it is.

This world is inviting us to dance with it, and we find we know the step.  All it takes is not interfering. Not thinking we already know what is in front of us, or what should be happening instead.  Not even trying to be more spiritually right. That is just another overlay. We simply accept every thought, feeling or circumstance as perfect, inviting it all to the table, so to speak.  It can then show itself to us fully, and as we feel ourselves falling into its blessed embrace, we realize we have been embraced all along.