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Life As It Is

Neither disappointment or judgement
could ever really frame
the improbable enormity
of the world as it is…
With its iridescent sunsets
and its terrible tsunamis…
It’s hopeless misery,  heartless violence,
radiant glories and trembling first loves.

This life in the world shines forth
through all its various garments,
beyond all of its passing acts
— something quite beyond
their sum combined.

Put together good and evil
love and hate, rich and poor,
violence and compassion
and the fertile mixture
just springs forth with new life
to embrace, in new depth
the expanse of stars
— the miracle and glory of itself.

No more will I insist on
a world without refugees or hunger,
without hate, or divisiveness, pain or suffering.
Those things do not deserve
my judgements or disappointment, thinking
that life has somehow not met my expectations.

I simply open my heart
and let that exact part of the world
that is my part — that is me
fly free and join with the rest,
in this dance of ever-continuing creation.
No more to judge the dance
but simply to dance it.


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Spring Opening – A Poem

The month of May
Brings opening
From bud to blossom.

Tightly bound,
Each bud stands
Complete, still and perfect
Being a bud.
Yet there is movement too.
Imperceptibly the bud
Rests in the change,
The movement of opening.

Still and at peace,
Being the epitome
Of life as it is
Simply as a bud.
Yet also it is
Pure motion personified
As slowly it opens
Into a full-flowered
Version of itself.

In the forest,
We find fiddleheads,
Perfect just as they are
At each moment
Of their unfurling.

Yet they slowly unroll,
Becoming the ferns
They somehow already are
In a vision far beyond
The thought of it.

Even the scent
Of springtime
The virtual world
Of thought,
Bringing us
To the real life
Where stillness
And motion meet,
And life comes
To its flowering
In us and around us.

© 2010 Alice Gardner

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