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What On Earth is Going On?

In our journey through the ages from being particles of stardust to our current selves, we have come to a place now where we are being pushed to take a leap into a new and different way of being human. Through many past generations we have developed the incredible gift of intellect and have begun to understand and control the world within us and around us. We have learned to express our intellectual power, building a world that would have been completely unimaginable only one thousand years ago. Yet we cannot rest comfortably here, for the world we have built now presents us with challenges which cannot be solved at the level we utilized to build it. We are pressed to evolve again in order to survive this new situation.

In the process of developing this capacity, our intellect has overshadowed any sense of who we are beyond itself. Intellect frames who we are in terms of ideas, temporarily blinding us to the reality behind those ideas. We have been caught in a golden trap where our lives are for the most part confined within a web of thinking, unable to escape from relating to everyone and everything through our ideas about them.

Yet in each generation, some small percentage of our ancestors have pursued various contemplative traditions, building an ongoing connection with what lies beyond intellect, a golden thread if you will — a human capacity which portends our possible escape from the trap our minds have us caught in, shining a light on our collective passageway ahead. We have planted for ourselves the seed of our next stage of development and it is growing. It is the capacity to open up to what is, to experience the fullness of life without filtering and limiting everything through our preconceived ideas about it. Because of the nature of the challenges we are presented with at this time in history, it is time now for this seed to grow from isolation into the mainstream of human life – from the cloister into the marketplace.

All around the world, the fruits of this seed are beginning to develop and ripen. People are beginning to wake up as if from a long sleep. Contact with those pioneers stimulates the same capacities in others and a new and wonderful contagion spreads. New possibilities become visible that could not be seen before. The felt-sense is that of having a new door of perception has opened. Life is radiant with vitality, people are seen as unique expressions of divine grace, the answers to the previously intractable world issues are already in the room.

Intellect is no longer is in charge of having to figure everything out and can assume a new, more do-able role as servant of something beyond itself and is less subject to initiating self-defense type activities and more prone to just exploring what is possible. The thought-based operational self which the intellect created to try to run everything and survive, is no longer in change. We find ourselves a part of something larger and much more stable and secure. Intellect becomes the most amazing tool.

To be alive now, at this critical juncture between the potential for humans to meet the challenges of our time or self-destruct is both a privilege and an opportunity. Many people are thriving as pioneers here in the midst of the pain of the dying of the old order. This is truly a renaissance of human nature arising at a time when the old world’s forms, organizations and thought processes are beginning to fail us. Many people are already beginning to build on the new possibilities, even as they are dwarfed by the weight of what is failing all around them. New structures spring up like weeds.

Because this is just beginning, these pioneers often can feel isolated and overwhelmed. Yet I would argue that these far-flung pioneers of a new humanity are in fact already all parts of one movement stretching across the globe. I would also argue that it is the work of this time to begin to make connections between ourselves, forming a network which transcends all the differences once separating us from each other and solidifies our true unity in the oneness of all life in a way that we can palpably feel and be supported by. We have the technology to form this network, and all around us humanity is beginning to awaken.


Establishing a New Base of Operations (part 1)

As we meditate and otherwise explore our inner dimensions, we become increasingly familiar with the contours of that inner territory.  We feel into who we are on so many different levels.  We get to know the feel of our bones, our muscles, our emotions, our conceptual capabilities, our ideas about ourselves, our noisy monkey-mind, our direct knowing and we stretch into what higher realms are also within our reach.

We  may explore the downward stretch into connection with Earth and with the whole human experience we are at one with in our roots.  Our ancestors and our relatives the plants and animals and all of life meet us there in Oneness, giving us a base, an unshakable foundation on which to build a life for ourselves that is a natural outgrowth of that natural line of development, of evolutionary progress and of belonging to something quite beyond the self of our past.

The old isolated self, the old base of operations (the one that was built from our thinking) is no longer capable of leading us forward.image

We find we can begin to reach upwards into a newly opening dimension of human consciousness right now.  Something new is seeming to be available to us here, something almost like another dimension, an internal one.  We are able to make an upward stretch into territory that was not there before. A new capability is coming alive in us.    It seems to hold all of our future possibilities and call us forward individually and collectively – to enter into our evolutionary next step. and to invite the future possibilities that wish to unfold within it.

Building a New Earth and Connecting with Others

eckhart_tolle.jpgThere is getting to be more and more support available recently for finding one’s place in the building of a new earth. Initially the process is internal, but there seems to come a time in each individual process where we may begin to look for what our outer contribution might be. Each individual’s inner transformation brings a way of living that naturally leads the individual into a flow we act in resonance with life as a whole and we follow that flow kind of like just letting ourselves be taken by the current of a river.

On the planetary scale, what is being seen is that the dilemmas presented by our world situation and by modern living in general are a part of a transition. We are transitioning from the old ego-driven way of living into the next evolutionary step for humanity. We are moving forward into whole new ways of being and interacting in order to survive the critical issues of the day and leave a more promising world for our children and grandchildren.

One organizing focus point that is forming is called the Shift Network. This new network seems to be growing out of the Institute of Noetic Sciences amongst other organizations and numerous public figures. They are starting to offer online courses that are aimed at “bringing us into alignment with an intention to accelerate a shift to a peaceful, sustainable, healthy and prosperous world”. Click the link below to find out more about them. At this time the offer an online course, which I will talk about in a minute, but also they offer an affiliate program for those who wish to help them spread the word about their work.

The current course they are offering is a summation of the life work of Barbara Marx Hubbard. It is called The Sacred Way of Conscious Evolution: Evolutionary Spirituality For Our Times and it is an eight week long online course beginning on April 28th.

Here is the link for The Sacred Way of Conscious Evolution Course.

Eckhart Tolle has also launched a new initiative called Eckhart Tolle TV where you pay a monthly fee for access to ongoing video support from him for building a new earth. It looks great! I haven’t joined myself but I can wholeheartedly recommend most anything Eckhart might do. 🙂 Check it out below.

Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together

There is also a lot of free video on Eckhart’s site. I thought this was an especially good one (below). He’s answering someone’s question about what it means to be of service to life, and he’s telling his own story about how The Power of Now got written, which I never tire of.

Eckhart Tolle Video

Eckhart’s popularity in the 90s started something that seems to be getting rolling now with many people coming together and forming support networks, including the Wide Awake Living network. I would like to encourage everyone to find what resonates most fully with you, and put no expectations on it, that this flow be something different than what you are already doing. Just give appropriate focus and awareness to this inner movement of awakening that can be called The Shift or called so many other things depending on the background of the speaker, and then go where life takes you.

It can take you right back into your previous life functions, or it can take you off in entirely new directions. There is no way to know. The trick is not trying to know. Just let the river move you. Then start to connect with others online or in your own local communities who are working in their own ways. There are as many ways to be a part of this evolutionary movement as there are people.



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