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Building a New Earth and Connecting with Others

eckhart_tolle.jpgThere is getting to be more and more support available recently for finding one’s place in the building of a new earth. Initially the process is internal, but there seems to come a time in each individual process where we may begin to look for what our outer contribution might be. Each individual’s inner transformation brings a way of living that naturally leads the individual into a flow we act in resonance with life as a whole and we follow that flow kind of like just letting ourselves be taken by the current of a river.

On the planetary scale, what is being seen is that the dilemmas presented by our world situation and by modern living in general are a part of a transition. We are transitioning from the old ego-driven way of living into the next evolutionary step for humanity. We are moving forward into whole new ways of being and interacting in order to survive the critical issues of the day and leave a more promising world for our children and grandchildren.

One organizing focus point that is forming is called the Shift Network. This new network seems to be growing out of the Institute of Noetic Sciences amongst other organizations and numerous public figures. They are starting to offer online courses that are aimed at “bringing us into alignment with an intention to accelerate a shift to a peaceful, sustainable, healthy and prosperous world”. Click the link below to find out more about them. At this time the offer an online course, which I will talk about in a minute, but also they offer an affiliate program for those who wish to help them spread the word about their work.

The current course they are offering is a summation of the life work of Barbara Marx Hubbard. It is called The Sacred Way of Conscious Evolution: Evolutionary Spirituality For Our Times and it is an eight week long online course beginning on April 28th.

Here is the link for The Sacred Way of Conscious Evolution Course.

Eckhart Tolle has also launched a new initiative called Eckhart Tolle TV where you pay a monthly fee for access to ongoing video support from him for building a new earth. It looks great! I haven’t joined myself but I can wholeheartedly recommend most anything Eckhart might do. 🙂 Check it out below.

Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together

There is also a lot of free video on Eckhart’s site. I thought this was an especially good one (below). He’s answering someone’s question about what it means to be of service to life, and he’s telling his own story about how The Power of Now got written, which I never tire of.

Eckhart Tolle Video

Eckhart’s popularity in the 90s started something that seems to be getting rolling now with many people coming together and forming support networks, including the Wide Awake Living network. I would like to encourage everyone to find what resonates most fully with you, and put no expectations on it, that this flow be something different than what you are already doing. Just give appropriate focus and awareness to this inner movement of awakening that can be called The Shift or called so many other things depending on the background of the speaker, and then go where life takes you.

It can take you right back into your previous life functions, or it can take you off in entirely new directions. There is no way to know. The trick is not trying to know. Just let the river move you. Then start to connect with others online or in your own local communities who are working in their own ways. There are as many ways to be a part of this evolutionary movement as there are people.



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Happy New Year

mckenzieice.jpgAs the old year melts away like an icicle in the sun, the future unfolds moment by moment, simply as whatever is happening next in our ordinary lives. Each moment is a movement from mystery to miracle when we see the world as it really is, without the overlay of our minds telling us that what we are observing is ordinary, irrelevant or uninteresting.

As for myself, I’m not big on partying for New Year’s. I like to take the transitional moment as a time to review, wrap up and clean out from the old year which always entails things like file cleaning and accounting. Then I like to look forward to what the new year may be wanting of me and get a general sense of direction.

This year I was given a Kindle for Christmas which was very fun because I had put a lot of effort into reformatting my book “Life Beyond Belief” into a Kindle edition, but had never even held a Kindle in my hand before. I’m loving my new Kindle and loving the publishing revolution that it and all the other e-book readers will for sure be bringing to us. These e-book reading tools open up the publishing world even further, so that anyone who has something to say that others are interested in can participate in the planetary conversation. Next I’ll be working on making my blog available as a Kindle blog that can be subscribed to on Amazon.

So, to all of you who got Kindles this Christmas along with me: Besides downloading my own book in Kindle format at Amazon, also check out Adya’s latest book, End of Your World here. Adya’s book is a very wonderful guide to what he calls embodiment, which is really what Wide Awake Living is all about: bringing one’s awakening down into the everyday thoughts, actions and interactions that our daily family, community and work lives consist of.

In 2010, the Wide Awake Living website will be seven years old. It all started when a tenant who was also a friend lost her job and couldn’t pay rent so she paid part of it by teaching me how to make a website. I had experienced a major shift in the fall of 02 and was just starting to write about it. The original writing is still up there online, but the site has grown a lot since then and it led to this newsletter.

Lately I’m learning how the internet is a way for all the people who are working with the various aspects of the next evolutionary leap for humankind to connect up and stay connected. It may be that this newsletter and the various things I do on Twitter, Facebook etc can be a support to people who are themselves making this evolutionary leap out of the mind-made self that has hitherto confined us, and into the awesome wonder of what is.

A New Earth

Stand up, wake up!
New possibilities have arrived
For these lives we had thought were our own.

The possible human stands free now
Of its past constraints,
The cage it grew up in, that served it well,
Trembling now with wonder at what it sees.

Old habits of mind fall away like old skin
No longer needed, no longer helpful
Outgrown and abandoned.

A different world, a new earth
Comes into view, fresh and alive
By a change of perception,
A new way of seeing.
We are joined together now
In a new maturity
A new awareness of how it is,
How we are carried on a new wind,
And a new response stirs.

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Seeing With New Eyes

thistle.jpg“The world situation that life is presenting us with in the 21st century is a natural outcome of the state of consciousness that has created it.

“People having an internal system for understanding life that is based on limited thought processes and giving a view of themselves as separate and insecure individuals, naturally creates a world full of conflict and fear.

“But consider that this may also be part of a perfect unfolding!

“This may be how life works, that each stage of consciousness along the way in our development brings with it its own crisis.

“Each crisis forces individuals to question their current reality system, and to try to find a new stability by stretching into new versions of themselves with fuller capabilities and by outgrowing any old habits that no longer support them.

“Life creates situations that cannot be solved at their own level because the ways of seeing and knowing that have brought us to this point aren’t working anymore. Our old paradigms and models are failing us and we are forced to let go of our old ways of constructing reality and look again to see what we have missed.”

© 2009 Alice Gardner

The above is an excerpt out of my upcoming book, a book without a name as yet. It seems clearly to be about how the world situation is both a support for and a motivator into the next steps in our development as a species. I will include more excerpts over the next few months as I am actively writing it.

The Ultimate Disaster

poppiestall2.jpg Is living
In the moment
A walking of a tightrope
Between past and future?
Is it a peeling away
Of all the escape routes?
A letting go of the possibility
Of getting what we want
At some other moment
When we might be more mature,
Or more ready?
Or have put in enough work?

A falling from the
Imagined tightrope?
A vertical descent
Into whatever life has in store
Without control or containment
Of the perpetual disaster
That is life at its worst and best
All at once.

How is it
That having fallen thus
We have left behind need
For escape,
Need for a future
To come through for us,
Even the everpresent
Need for love?…
Finding ourselves
Instead, surrounded
Embraced by richness
Beyond measure,
Completely beyond our
Wildest imagining.

All our ideas
Of the past pale
Next to the vibrancy
Of life met without
The intermediary of
Ideas about what is
Being seen. Life stands
Forth as radiant and
Fulfilling already,
Even as some things
May be dying in agony
While others are
Being born.



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Sunlight touching treetops,
Birds awakening…
Morning rises after night
With a constancy and grace.

While politics swirl
Conflicts rage, economies teeter,
Hurricanes roar,
Morning dawns over all
Without apology or praise
But with simple welcoming
Of all that is lit
By its presence.

What kind of love
Embraces this wild world
With such a welcome?
What love is this, that
Contains such
Darkness and strife
When the world
Refuses to conform
To our demands for
Outer peace,
And then wraps us
In such wonder
And grace?

Fear, war, starvation,
And so much else
Are included in the
Grace of morning light
On a darkened world.

In the light’s first
Touch of a leaf
There is something that
Embraces all of what we are
And includes us
In the full circle
Of life as it is.

We see that we are
Something whole
And seamless,
And perfect.

The heart of each morning
Offers with outstretched hands,
An expansion, a release
Out off our self-made prisons
Into a world ruled by a love
That excludes nothing,
A love we can trust,
A love at peace
With all things.

Even this, and this, and
Especially and


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by Alice Gardner © 2008

The Eye of The Hurricane

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Hurricane Season 2008

By what handstormclouds.jpg
Are these winds stirred
To spinning
Around their still center?

What force could give
Such power as this
To crush the structures
Of our lives?

These winds move
With violence
Against our human ideas
Of progress and security
Sweeping away
As impertinent desires
Our wish to have peace
On our own terms.

Have we been dreaming
Of a world peace
That doesn’t include storms?

Can we step outside of
Our ideas about the peace we want
Enough to notice the peace
That already rests in the center
Of this wild world?

A peace that rests gently
While the storm winds
May strip our lives bare,
Leave us homeless, and
Disengaged from our settled lifestyles.

A peace right in the center of
Our questionable survival
In any other moment than this.

This stillness in the center
Emerges with the violent winds.
The two exist as one,
inextricably connected,
Two sides of a coin, inseparable.

Can we accept this invitation
To welcome a peace that includes
What we have labeled as trouble
And strife, and been frightened by?

Can a wild wind
Flattening our landscape
Externally or internally
Be a part of something
Beyond our comprehension
And perfect, just as it is?

We don’t know.

But we notice
In hurricane season,
The power of resting openly
With such unanswerable questions.
And we notice,
(Even while the winds of change
Are blowing violently)
What doesn’t spin—
The peace beyond understanding
In the internal
Eye of the hurricane.

By Alice Gardner © 2008

This Moment


What is this moment like if we stop assuming that it needs improving? What if we just stopped trying to make it be different than it already is? This would mean not having an agenda about what it is supposed to be like or NOT supposed to be like. What if we finally let go of thinking we knew how it should be, as opposed to how it already is?

We can notice in any moment that, outside of all the measuring,  comparing and efforting behaviors of mind we habitually listen to, there is something else. It is like another world out there beyond mind. Out beyond our mentally mediated version of the world, there is something real and substantial. It is the actual world as it is–a world vibrantly alive with stillness and motion embracing each other–a world doing the one-step dance of just being what it is.

This world is inviting us to dance with it, and we find we know the step.  All it takes is not interfering. Not thinking we already know what is in front of us, or what should be happening instead.  Not even trying to be more spiritually right. That is just another overlay. We simply accept every thought, feeling or circumstance as perfect, inviting it all to the table, so to speak.  It can then show itself to us fully, and as we feel ourselves falling into its blessed embrace, we realize we have been embraced all along.

Videos online: Adyashanti on YouTube

Its amazing all the wonderful videos that are available online nowadays!

For instance: To click this link to check out what is posted on YouTube for Adyashanti–www.youtube.com  To get to that page, I just went to YouTube and searched Adya’s name. Try searching for all of your favorite teachers. Or search “Puppetji” for some irreverent laughs over all this non-dual spiritual talk. Try also going to www.viddler.com and video.google.com for more and more. Try a series called “Never Not Here” by Richard Miller. He’s even got Alice Gardner up there. 🙂


The Art of Being Exactly Where We Are

yos.jpgBeing where we are. We’ve all heard that “being where we are” is where we need to be. But do you see the joke in that? Here we are, trying to get somewhere again!!

Being here fully gets translated by mind into a being something to work towards. Somewhere new to get to at some point in the future after lots of hard work, discipline and time, lots of time! Are you laughing yet? It’s funny, and it makes us feel crazy, but its really just mind doing what minds do. That’s all. Mind is so good at figuring out how to do things, and its just trying to do this too, but it can’t. As soon as we realize it can’t, we are free to just smile at its efforts and relax. All is well. Mind is doing its thing and it doesn’t matter. No need to pay overmuch attention to it.

Meanwhile Here we Are! Here we are in this moment with whatever is going on inwardly and outwardly. There is nowhere else we could ever have possibly been except as we allow ourselves to listen overmuch to the stream of thinking. Our minds may be saying to us right at this moment that “this can’t be it” because this moment is totally mundane, empty, boring, painful or… (fill in the blank for yourself). Mind can always come up with reasons why this particular moment can’t be what is being referred to, because it can’t find anything special there. Nothing. (Are you laughing yet?)

Meanwhile, smiling and relaxing we fall into a reality that mind doesn’t even notice. Its kind of like falling asleep at night–we have to relax for it to happen.

Our thinking minds have everything boxed and labeled and categorized according to past knowledge, and our own structure of understanding whatever is encountered. And those capabilities are so very useful to us for practical things. But what the logical left-brain thought-stream doesn’t even notice is anything that is outside of its structures for understanding the world–and that very definitely includes Reality with a capital R. Not because thought is wrong or bad, but because it is constrained within self-constructed bounds and can’t see beyond that. It is blind to whatever doesn’t fit its own structures (at least not until those structures are broadened enormously). So for now it tries to shrink everything to make it fit its constructs. But in contemplating what is really going on in life, thought has run into something much bigger than its constructs, something that contains mind and everything else within it. It has come to the edge of its ability to be helpful and will, when its good and ready, relax and allow us to fall into this new territory. To fall awake.

When we run into a fabulous sunset or an unusually beautiful flower, our mind’s processes of naming it, talking about it, and so on, can detract from our seeing and appreciating it fully. It is the same with the present moment. Relaxing into being exactly where we are, we begin to notice what is here (including thinking and a LOT else), and that this has been here all along. Its just like a new door of perception has opened. We now see where we were blind before.

We stand in a new territory beyond the previously held paradigm that our mind provided us, telling us how life worked, who was to blame, and so on. We have reconnected with something familiar, something we never really left. Something that we have, over all the years we thought we were separate, never left for a second.

As we look around we begin to see how it all is working. Now everything that is happening, even including our own seemingly idiotic or unenlightened episodes are perfect setups for continued awakening into a fuller and fuller embrace of being this that we truly are. Slowly we relax our incessant argument with life, and trust our circumstances, even our thoughts and feelings, as being perfect as they are, even as they flow and change. We offer ourselves, including our thinking minds and their amazing capabilities in service to this perfect alive presence we now can see and that is also who we are.

Stay with Oprah

I just wanted to let folks know that although Oprah and Eckhart are finishing up with their ten week webcast next Monday, there is still time to download all ten of the videos, either as ipod video format, larger video format or just audio. Whatever works for you. They are really lovely and 100% free. You can get them all if you go to the itunes store, and click on podcasts. It is on the most popular list. Or you can go to oprah.com and get them, but you have to join her book club to get them there.

The other thing I want to say about what Oprah is doing is that she is having something on her same online classroom that is called the “Soul Series” and they will continue on Monday nights. The night after Eckhart finishes, so that would be May 19th, she is having Jill Bolte Taylor on there. She is the brain-scientist who made that wonderful video about right and left brain about her stroke. I gave you the link to it a few weeks ago. After Jill, she will have a series of awakened teachers of various sorts–I’m not sure who, but I bet it will be worth watching for sure.