Give Yourself The Gift of a Mentor to Support Your Growth & Development

It is incredible how simple it is to rest in the ease of our already awakened nature when in the presence of someone else doing the same!

There is something essential about meeting in a pure, openhearted and undefended way with another person, that allows us to make whole any broken connections within ourselves, and meet all of who we are in that open space of the awake Oneness of our True Nature.

If your spiritual journey into your essential Self has taken you to the point where you feel that you are ready to benefit from companionship in this awakeness, then this new, simple and non-hierarchical form of spiritually awake practice may be of interest to you. This is available over the telephone so is within reach of all.

By setting aside a time in your busy life in which to explicitly be awake, and to be in the companionship of someone else who is doing the same, you will have a context within which to view all that is arising in your everyday human life from the awakened viewpoint. A context that cannot help but inform all the other moments of your life as you acclimatize to it.  In the end, you will be able to hold this space for yourself with stability, and for others also, and the mentoring will no longer be needed.

Don’t give yourself the chance to forget to come back to this, if this spiritual work is truly important to you.  Make a committment now to living what you have realized already about who you are and what this life is all about.

A committment to living our awakening…

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Chapter 6 from the upcoming book: Life Beyond Belief, Everyday Living as Spiritual Practice is now being given away with your new subscription to the monthly Wide Awake Living Newsletter to the left.For more information about Awakeness Mentoring, go to the mentoring info page by clicking here.

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For more information about Alice’s teachers, click to go to Adyashanti’s page, or Eckhart’s page.

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Don’t let the false idea that the end of the spiritual journey is far away in the future get in your way. We can rest together at the end of the journey right now, and lay a foundation for living a life that is a clear reflection of the truth of who we really are.

Initiate one-on-one telephone mentoring by going to the mentoring order page now and making a committment to what matters most to you.



PS-   It may be that this kind of spiritual mentoring is not what you are needing alice-gardner.jpgright now, or it may be that it is. No one can know this except you, and I ask you to take the kind of care of yourself that no one else can do. Do WHATEVER you need to do today to be responsible to that which is most important to you.  If that means doing this mentoring, I will be very pleased to be there for you. If it means something else, I will be pleased that you have done that instead. Whatever is the way for you, be well, be whole, be One.


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