Writing Again At Last

RussianRidgeApril2013Sorry its been so long everyone.  Now there is a series of books that have been trying to come through for a while  but I’ve been overly busy at work and not able to focus on it. The series is “Opening the Way” and the books are the various ways as I see it. The first volume is “Opening the Way Through Connection”, something I have been learning a lot about during this hiatus from writing.

Finally now I’m developing a steady early morning writing practice and the words are flowing.  I have noticed this before, that half the effort in writing books is setting up times within which to write. Its as if once the container is in place, the words can flow.  Below is an excerpt from what is flowing…

“The possibility that the seemingly imperfect separate self might be perfect as it is and have what it takes to be a very important link between heaven and earth, is part of the information that flows from that deep source within me.  It feels like it calls to me from the field of possibility in my core identity. Then the human Alice responds to that call by arranging my outer life in whatever limited way is possible to accommodate what is coming from that source. I arrange my life as best I can to honor and express the knowing that comes from my center. I set my alarm clock extra early, I try not to let my busy schedule squeeze out the openness.  I write.
?What flows from you will be different from what flows from me, and your response to it will be different, because we are each so incredibly unique.  This does not mean one of us is right and the other wrong or misguided.   I give my own experience, my perspective, my expression not as as Truth with a capital T.  It may be my truth, but that doesn’t make it yours and that doesn’t make your differing viewpoint wrong.  When we hold our knowing in this respectful way, as one piece of a larger puzzle we are assembling together, we are inviting an openness to be in the space between us.  We allow each other to be different and count it as a blessing, not a curse.”