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Are you ready to awaken to a new level of consciousness, beyond mindfulness and contemplation?

A consciousness that doesn’t require that you sit alone?
A consciousness that is multi-dimensional, fluid, spontaneous, and radically free?
You’re being called to a new world that is just beginning to emerge, like many of us.
Yet you can’t quite put your finger on what “it” is.

You’re not as inspired by the spiritual work you’ve been doing. You’re longing for love and creativity with others that’s more powerful and profound. You aren’t sure how to find your true tribe – people who are ready to create something new together.

People at the leading edge of a new paradigm always find themselves “groping” – a term used by Teilhard de Chardin. Like seekers who head to the Himalayas to find their guru or Buddha – you may feel a discontent. You have been longing for something that is out of reach, and may have an inkling of what is calling to you.

If you hold on and listen to what’s coming through, you’ll discover that the longing is not personal. What you hear is evolutionary consciousness itself wanting to come into the world, in and through us.

A higher order of human relating or Unity consciousness is calling to you, and to many of us. The Evolutionary Collective is committed to gathering those of us who are ready to move to the next stage of human evolution. We are deep practitioners of personal and spiritual development. And being so guided, we recognize that our current path of individual development will not take us to the next stage of Unity consciousness or yield the significant results that are required of us now.


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