Looking at Current Events

The world situation being presented to us in the 21st century is a natural outcome of the state of consciousness that created it. People navigating through life guided by thought processes that are based on a view of themselves as separate and insecure individuals, naturally would create a world full of conflict and fear. But consider that this may also be part of a perfect unfolding.

This may be how life works: that each level or stage of development along the way brings with it, as it approaches obsolescence, its own crisis. Each time of crisis forces individuals to question their current reality system, and to try to find a new stability by stretching into new versions of themselves with more advanced capabilities. We are also pushed by crisis into outgrowing any old habits that no longer help us survive successfully. As our old paradigms and models begin to fail us and we can’t find answers on the same level that we find the problems, we are forced to let go of our old ways of constructing reality and look again to see what we might have missed.

The world seems to have a habit of presenting us with problems for which we have no solutions within our existing mental frameworks. Take overpopulation as an example. There seems to be such limited responses we can make as individuals to overpopulation. An alternative way to live with something like overpopulation without frustration or without avoiding thinking about it, would be to develop new ways of perceiving, understanding and responding to what is happening. The ability to change our perceptions, understandings and responses is not a capability humans have when totally immersed in current thought processes and can’t see beyond them. This is a relatively new development; a new option. People are currently evolving the capacity to observe their thinking from a vantage point that is slightly outside of the limitations of that thinking – to see their own thought processes at work. The ability to find adequate solutions to something as difficult as overpopulation may seem out of reach at first, but the possibilities are far beyond what could be seen when we looked through old mental filters and obsolete ideas about what is possible.

© 2011 Alice Gardner

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