My Journey into Laughter

Yes LAUGHTER! redfoliage2.jpg

Somehow a point has been passed where now everything going on in this wild world of ours just makes me want to laugh heartily at the extremity of it all.

What else is there to do?

I know that is not a reasonable argument to make for laughter, but seriously, what are our alternatives? Shall we rush out and stabilize the economy? Shall we all send our cars to the junkyard to stop global warming? Are you laughing yet?

We are not talking about nervous laughter here, based on fear of catastrophe. We are talking about the possibility of right-from-the-belly enjoyment of our predicament, our inability to make things “right” and the break-up of all of our pat answers and predicable outcomes.

Are you objecting that perhaps we could make some headway on things such as the loss of the glaciers or the rate of extinctions if we got deadly serious and tried harder? A good argument can be made that we really must take more of the right actions to set things right in the world, if we can just figure out what they are.

It is worth noticing however, that even when we are laughing, we can still do those things that are within our power to accomplish. Can’t we? The most arduous tasks are lightened by laughter and playfulness. Enjoyment of our predicament in no way hampers our ability to take appropriate action when we do see what our own contribution can be.

The bottom line: are we all going to die? Yup. There is truly no escaping it. We all end up there sooner or later anyway, so lets take the journey in good spirits and enjoy the ride. What a ride it is!! People just love to go to scary movies or maybe to go to the amusement park and ride the roller coaster. This is just the real-life variety! Enjoy it fully–we are on the ride of our lives!