Small Group Mentoring session starting in mid April 2007


For the first time the Awakeness Mentoring will now be offered as a group session, which just means that up to eight people start around the same time for a ten week period doing the one-on-one mentoring over the telephone with Alice, but the group members will also have additional options for supporting each other both during and after the ten week mentoring session is finished. A passworded part of the blog will be made available to those eight people, and also there will be the possibility of group phone calls if there is interest in that. If you are interested in doing the mentoring with a small group of others, please let Alice know right away at and she will hold a place for you until your payment arrives. Details are at





Developing a Support System for Awakening


It gives me great pleasure to announce the availability of what is being called “Awakeness Mentoring” on the Wide Awake Living website. This very simple model of mentoring is based on knowing that it is not the personal self of the mentor who is offering support to the personal self of the mentee. Rather it is the setting aside of space for the inherent mutual awakeness that already exists as both people to live, move and speak that is the essential factor.

To set aside this space in the midst of our busy lives, is to commit to allowing awakeness to extend itself into all the areas of our busy modern lives. We are not informed by the mentor as to how to live, but are supported in our own awakeness, and in externalizing our own already present knowing about awakening and living that awakening in the midst of our daily lives.

The conditioning that may continue to obscure that awakeness serves to illuminate and energize the process of clearing itself. We find ourselves in the midst of the exactly perfect life for us. We find ourselves to have been already awake all along.

This “method”, almost “non-method” of mentoring has been in use since July of 2006, but is only now being offered publicly, after an extensive period of working with it for free with a variety of people in various settings and situations. The results of that process are very encouraging and it is an honor to offer it now through the website at this link: Awakeness Mentoring.

The first session is free, so that you can see what it is like, and see if the energy is right for its being an effective part of your support system for awakening and living it fully.

Blessings, Alice