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Are you ready to awaken to a new level of consciousness, beyond mindfulness and contemplation?

A consciousness that doesn’t require that you sit alone?
A consciousness that is multi-dimensional, fluid, spontaneous, and radically free?
You’re being called to a new world that is just beginning to emerge, like many of us.
Yet you can’t quite put your finger on what “it” is.

You’re not as inspired by the spiritual work you’ve been doing. You’re longing for love and creativity with others that’s more powerful and profound. You aren’t sure how to find your true tribe – people who are ready to create something new together.

People at the leading edge of a new paradigm always find themselves “groping” – a term used by Teilhard de Chardin. Like seekers who head to the Himalayas to find their guru or Buddha – you may feel a discontent. You have been longing for something that is out of reach, and may have an inkling of what is calling to you.

If you hold on and listen to what’s coming through, you’ll discover that the longing is not personal. What you hear is evolutionary consciousness itself wanting to come into the world, in and through us.

A higher order of human relating or Unity consciousness is calling to you, and to many of us. The Evolutionary Collective is committed to gathering those of us who are ready to move to the next stage of human evolution. We are deep practitioners of personal and spiritual development. And being so guided, we recognize that our current path of individual development will not take us to the next stage of Unity consciousness or yield the significant results that are required of us now.

One Mind Arising

MercedSouthFork3.29“At present, people create barriers between each other by their fragmentary thought. Each one operates separately. When these barriers have dissolved, then there arises one mind, where they are all one unit, but each person also retains his or her own individual awareness.

That one mind will still exist even when they separate, and when they come together, it will be as if they hadn’t separated. It’s actually a single intelligence that works with people who are moving in relationship with one another. . . .

If you had a number of people who really pulled together and worked together in this way, it would be remarkable. They would stand out so much that everyone would know they were different.“

~David Bohm (physicist, philosopher, & mystic)


Recent Learnings on Stress — Thank you David Hawkins

My busy and sometimes extremely stressful job has been taking overly much of my attention in 2014.  I’m learning to look at this as a generous teaching on the part of life instead of only just something I need to fix.  I am being taught about the nature of stress and anxiety (its more subtle but equally dangerous cousin) including how I create it, where it comes from, and so on.

This quote from David Hawkins’ book Surrender says it so well.

Thank you David.

“The real source of “stress” is actually internal; it is not external, as people would like to believe. The readiness to react with fear, for instance, depends on how much fear is already present within to be triggered by a stimulus. The more fear we have on the inside, the more our perception of the world is changed to a fearful, guarded expectancy. To the fearful person, this world is a terrifying place. To the angry person, this world is a chaos of frustration and vexation. To the guilty person, it is a world of temptation and sin, which they see everywhere.

“What we are holding inside colors our world. If we let go of guilt, we will see innocence; however, a guilt-ridden person will see only evil. The basic rule is that we focus on what we have repressed. Stress results from the accumulated pressure of our repressed and suppressed feelings. The pressure seeks relief, and so external events only trigger what we have been holding down, both consciously and unconsciously. The energy of our blocked-off feelings re-emerges through our autonomic nervous system and causes pathological changes leading to disease processes. A negative feeling instantly causes a loss of 50% of the body’s muscle strength and also narrows our vision both physically and mentally. Stress is our emotional reaction to a precipitating factor or stimulus.

“Stress is determined by our belief systems and their associated emotional pressures. It is not the external stimulus, then, that is the cause of stress, but our degree of reactivity. The more surrendered we are, the less prone we are to stress. The damage caused by stress is merely the result of our own emotions.”

This post is from Andrew Venezia’s thesis on “we-space”.

Originally posted on newwaysofhumanbeing:

This post represents the heart of my thesis– after doing ten in-depth interviews with people skilled and experienced in facilitating We Space, I coded the interviews to come up with a list of themes that were present throughout the interviews. (A more in-depth methodology is presented in the thesis itself, starting on page 7).

This is what I came up with. The themes are presented here without elaboration– obviously there is a great deal of elaboration in the paper itself, and I will continue to be posting regularly about the contents of the thesis in the coming months.

Appendix H: List of Themes from In-Depth Interviews

1) We Space is a distinct and newly emergent intersubjective state with great potential for addressing our human crises at this moment in time.

2) We Spaces differ based on who is participating in a We Space, what the intent, goal, or object…

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Finding Our Way Forward

I am excited to announce that my book is now on Amazon.

We stand at a significant evolutionary transition-point!

Can you imagine that the current world situation could be inspiring a significant transformation – a promising leap forward towards a new earth and a new awakening of human nature?

Do you feel that you would like to change the world for the better, help establish world peace, etc., but you don’t know how?

In this book, learn immediate and powerful ways to make a difference during this transitional time. Ways to change the world and bring a new awareness and peace to all that you are involved in. Learn to broaden your perspectives, revealing expanded possibilities for addressing the monumental world issues. This breakthrough information allows you to immediately become a part of the solution!

Awaken to find yourself taking a creative part in this unparalleled breakthrough in human development.

In Finding Our Way Forward, Alice Gardner proposes an inspiring view of transformation coming directly from our troublesome world situation. She then engages the reader in an introspective journey to the core of who we are and back again to all of the world’s intractable issues. We are then led to find the unique part each of us has to play in humanity’s grand maturation process. This is as significant an evolutionary transition-point as was the beginnings of our logical/analytical thinking. Now, again, our old ways of thinking are becoming obsolete, and we need to move forward.
We can and do make a difference, no matter how small a part we play!
This is how we can be a part of leaving behind a world which we are proud to let the children of the future inherit. This is how we can know what peace is; know how our consciousness affects everything, and how love can today begin to direct all the actions we take.

This is the link to it on Kindle

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Martin Luther King Day



Martin Luther King has given me a day of rest from my busy job today – a chance for quiet reflection instead of busy productivity.  Though this neglects to say what his greater legacy to us all has been, it does at least allow us a moment to consider it.

Martin Luther King’s voice spoke out at a time when his message was unwelcome to many.  This fact alone serves as an example of courage still very much needed today:  Courage to speak what needs to be spoken no matter what others may think, no matter what the personal price may be for having spoken out.

Each of us may never know what the effects of our own lives may be on society as a whole. The smallest word or action that we might make could possibly have the most effect. How our lives affect others and affect the whole always remains a mystery to be unraveled only in hindsight or perhaps not at all.

Thank you Martin Luther King for my day of rest today, and this moment’s reflection on the value of one life.  Nelson Mandela’s life stands out now too, through the fact of so recently having come to an end, and can be seen in such a similar light.  These men’s examples of what one life can do, can inspire us to use every moment of the life that we have been given as fully as we possibly can.  My life may not stand out to others as theirs do, but in another way it is no less significant in terms of the possibilities that it offers each one of us to serve as an example, an inspiration to the lives that intersect our own.

Knowing this to be true for each one of us sheds light on the power that we all hold and so often ignore.

Thank you Martin Luther King

For showing us what is possible,

For each one of us

Every day,

For each moment

We are here,

Full of life

And ready to take up

Our part in the great dance

Whatever it may be.

May – The World Awakens

In the high country the frozen snow begins to flow with the warmth of spring!TheHighCountry
Trickles turn to torrents.
Mist rises from the snowfields and the waterfalls, causing even the air to enrich the earth with new life.

In Yosemite (the photo to the right) only the highest places still hold frozen snowfields from winter now.
Their cold stillness has birthed action, and fed the flow of the waterfalls.
Even the waterfalls that aren’t usually there, spring to life, dancing with the joy of movement, of falling, of flow.

In the valleys below, as in the second photo, the frozen places have burst into color and delight with a profusion of flowers – explosions of color turning the formerly grey flood plains along the river into decorations beyond belief, and the hillsides into upliftments of spirit as well as body.

The natural world, each year without fail, gives us this metaphor for our own movement, for our own evolving way of being here in our lives, of letting ourselves come alive. We can get so caught in the little stuff and forget to look to the metaphor of spring, playing out its inspiration in front of our eyes every year.

Even beyond that, the natural world also constantly offers a look behind the changing scenes, the details of our lives, even the flow of change of our living and dying, as we look to what doesn’t change.

Below is a piece from “Finding Our Way Forward“. It is from a longer poem “The Bedrock” (also coming from the grandeur of Yosemite) which is seeing in the rock beneath the flowing water and the ebb and flow of the seasons a larger movement, requiring more quiet to discern, but definite and palpable:

The bedrock lets me know my place
in the larger scheme of things.
My human life is a flash
in a broad interplay of life and time,
insignificant when seen separately
yet held now inseparably
within the greater life
animating the whole.
The bedrock speaks
in a language without words
that feels familiar,
that beckons, no, welcomes me
back to the sanity
of something longer, quieter and more steady
that I had nearly forgotten.
It is an open invitation
to relax into an expanded perspective
that includes me in something grand,
beyond the breadth of galaxies.
Something vibrantly alive, and close,
Something right here,
in the center of this human life.

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